Newbees (Welcoming committee)

As a member of the Newbees you are part of welcoming the new wonderful bees at your floor to the 'Bikuben family'.

We want the best start for new residents. That is why we send a welcome letter to arriving residents before they move in with information about the dorm, the floor and who their local Newbees-member of their floor is.

We welcome any questions that a soon-to-be or new resident might have, and take all the wonderful newbees under our wings and welcome them to the life at the dorm. We also offer a tour at the dorm to all new residents.

We also host the cozy Newbees-dinner, which the new residents are invited to. Here they will have the opportunity to get to meet other new residents from other floors.

Last but not east, we facilitate the famous initiation retual which every newbee goes through. It involves a good time of honey and mystique, as well as the dorms mascot.

The committee meets approximately once per quarter, and arrange in pairs of two the next newbees-dinner. Every member is thus part of arranging 1-2 dinners per year, depending on the amount of new residents.

All in all, the Newbees Committee are not very time consuming, but we promise it will be very cozy!