Fitness committee

The Fitness Committee are for you who wants to be a part of physically active activities at the dorm, as well as have responsability for the gym. Our committee are for anyone who has an interest in a physically active life and wants to participate to the life at the dorm.

In the Fitness Committee you will have influence on new purchases for the gym and new activities to improve the gym. We want to create the social boundaries for an active lifestyle through activities such as tabletennis tournaments, running in Amager Fælles and most importantly, the weekly CrossFit. We also plan activities outside of Bikuben - this has previously been paintball, Go-kart, Go-High and Lasegames.

The daily routines of the Fitness Committee are not demanding. The head of the committee are primarily in charge of the coordination of events. In the Fitness Committee we meet every so often and discuss ideas and brainstorm - there is always room for new ideas, so consider being a part of the active bees!

The fitness commitee has some games that you can borrow. This includes for example the king fighters spinladders and croquet. Just write to our chair person by mail if you are interrested.

Do you have any wishes for things we can do or do you need any new equipments, then let us know by sending an e-mail to: