Party Committee

This committee is for party-loving / crazy people who love to give all their energy on the dance floor and behind the bar for a good party. Furthermore, it is a big plus that you know how to swing a floor mop the next day.
The task of the party committee is to arrange dorm-parties for the entire Bikuben dormitory. This involves setting the dates for the parties, decorating the party room, advertisement / flyers / posters for the festivities, serving as bartenders during the party and of course cleaning up the next day which happens with huge hangovers and good anecdotes from the party the day before. This effort, in connection with the clean-up, is often rewarded with a fantastic and much-needed pizza.

The parties are of all kinds, like theme parties, for example Christmas lunch, Saint Patrick's day, Shrove Tuesday, Halloween - you name it. It can also be alternative parties such as Tour de Cuisine (party around the different kitchens, ed.), Barbecue party on the roof terrace, prison party in the basement or whatever! We are open to suggestions for good parties.

If you would like to be a member of the committee or just want to lend a hand to bar guards, decorations and/or cleaning on the days around the parties, you can contact the representative of the party committee via Bikuben's internal Facebook page.