Green Bees

The environment is the core value of the committee. We want to stop polution in the area surrounding Bikuben, while informing our fellow-bees about the co-responsibility we have for a joint cause, also while strengthening internal relations

To mention some of the events the committee have been a part of creating is: A christmas event, where all the christmas food was without meat, a switch-clothing event and yearly flea-markets as a protest to the consumer and then throw away culture. Furthermore we have hosted a "green" movie-night where we ate too-good-to-go and watched the movie Before the Flood. The Green Bees loves coming up with new ideas, and would therefore love to get as many hands as possible to help making them into realities.

The Green Bees have representatives on most floors, so if you want to make a difference, you can contact your nearest representative or our chairperson Silvia (3rd floor).