The Green Committee

Bikuben's most green committee is the place for green souls.

The committee is a formidable fusion of Bikuben's two former green committees "De grønne bier" (the green bees) and "Humlehaven".  

The Green Committee has held awesome events such as garage sale, trash collection, planting event, vegetarian barbecue evening and many more in the future. Other than that, the committee ensures that the roof terrace hums of life. The many planters is spread across both committee members and other plant-loving bees. Every spring there is an opportunity to become a part of a planter. The committee of course accounts for dirt, lollipop balls and the like.

There is good opportunity to make your own mark on the future of the committee and come up with new ideas for events. Do not hesitate to contact Sissel Andersen or Silvia Súnadóttir Kristensen to become a member of the committee💚

Instagram: humlebihaven