Residents' Council

The Residents' Council is elected on a yearly basis. The council looks after the residents' interests and represents them on behalf of the Residents' Association. The council assumes the daily operation of the dorm and is appointed by residents to make decisions about the dorm. These decisions are made based on rules agreed upon across the dorm.

The council holds meetings on a monthly basis. Here, the council deliberates on inquries made by residents as well as external actors. Internal inquires could be about trips or events for all residents, buying a grill for common use and similar cases. Moreover, the council also plans yearly events such as a annual trip to the nearest ice cream place, Ismageriet, cross-floor dinners and the annual cleaning of the common areas.

It is also the task of the Residents' Council to take care of any complaints from residents.

The Residents' Council is in charge of arranging the bi-annual general assembleys. Here, the biggest decisions are made, and every resident is invited to participate. Each resident has voting rights and can also run for the Residents' Council.

The Residents' Council must consist of 4-9 members. If you want to influence life at the dorm, you are more than welcome to write to the chairperson of the council at

Any official inquiries, complaints or requests can also be sent to this e-mail. You are also welcome to leave a note in the Residents' Council's mailbox in the mailroom.

The Residents' Council also has a cashier. The cashier holds the financial responsibility of the association. The committees can request funds for their acitivites or have funds from their budget refunded by showing a receipt. If you have covered expenses for a committee, please send a picture of the receipt to Remember to write which committee you represent and your account details for transfer of funds.

The fanciest committee at the dorm!