Bakers' Guild

The Bakers' Guild at Bikuben bakes beautifully baked goods!

Things happen in the Bakers’ Guild. We bake several times a year and organise inspiring events that both get the mouth watering and the conversations flowing.

We have baked spicy Christmas cakes, delicate muffins, beautiful pies, homemade raspberry slices, carnival buns, airy sourdough bread, fire-baked twist bread, bubbly pizzas and much more - the list is long!

Every autumn "The Great Bake off" is held. The floors compete against each other to make the most lavish and tasty cake. Additionally you can be invited to pizza events, quizzes, bonfires, pancake baking and everything the cake heart desires.

We are inspired by Mette Blomsterberg and many other of todays baking enthusiasts. The smallest joy of baking makes us high, so if there is an inner sugar pig or flour worm hidden in you, then come join the beehive's sweetest committee.

All kind of cakes are welcome in the baker's guild - there is no discrimination here. However, we like to speak a language where expressions like "has it settled?" (the mousse), "Is there a crack in it?" (chocolate) and other baker's guild expressions, which have been stolen from The Great Bake off.

We are of course Bikuben's best committee, and everyone loves us 😉