Dorm life

As a student, it is important to attend to your social relations. What does the dream study mean, if you have no network of people to share your thoughts and good mood with?

At Bikuben Kollegiet we prioritize being social. We are a small dorm, but we have a strong community. As a resident you have the oppurtunity to engage in many exciting social activities including theme-parties, baking events, film- and game-nights, "Tour-de-Chambre", including the annual "Tour-de-Bikuben", and much more. Read more about our parties.

As with any other big competitions there has to be appointed a winner - this is of course also the case at Bikuben Kollegiet. We battle in many different diciplines, but one thing is for sure: Winners must be celebrated. Tour-de-Bikuben (TDB) is an annual event at Bikuben Kollegiet and the winning-floor recieves the honor of keeping the TDB trophy in their floor for an entire year. Below we have an overview of the previous winning themes:

2023: 3. floor - "Shrek" theme
2022: 2. floor - "Gothersgade" theme
2021: Not held due to Corona
2020: 1. floor - "Heaven and hell" theme
2019: 6. floor - "The Sims" theme
2018: 1. floor - "Mujaffa" theme
2017: 1. floor - "The Abdomen" theme
2016: 5. floor - "Les Clés de Fort Boyard" theme
2015: 4. floor - "Red Light District" theme

Every resident has democratic influence on decisions made at Bikuben Kollegiet. This is ensured through an annual general assembly and regular meetings in the Residents Council (Beboerrådet), which is responsible for the general operation of the dorm.

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