Bikuben Dorm is a modern and privileged dorm in terms of facilities. Here you will find everything, as for example a lounge, a gym and a roof terrace and much more. See a description of all the facilities below:

Kitchens and living rooms is to be found on all floors. Every floor has to wings - A and B. Every wing has a kitchen with privat storage cabins and a living room containing TV and furnitures. The common areas are where the dormitories meet to have fun.

In the big basement you will find parking for bikes and cars, and a locked room for every lease. Furthermore, there is a workshop in the basement with a drill, screws, bicycle pump, etc. Read more about the committee: The workshop.

The party room on first floor is the biggest room in the dorm. There is a kitchen attached as well as a lot of tables and chairs. It is possible to hold larger parties and parties with dining. The room can be rented for private events by booking through the website.

The gym on third floor is a great place to work out, when the SU is low. The gym is a large bright room with its own terrace. In addition to the large selection of machines to train on, there is also a ping pong table. Read more about Fitness committee.

The study room on fourth floor is a great alternative to a library, for those who need a place for group work. NOTE! It is not possible to book or reserve the study room.

The laundry room on fourth floor has three washing machines and two dryers. You will need the chip to use the washing machines, which can be used to reserve washing times and start the machines. It is only possible to connect one chip to the computer in the laundry room. The price for washing is deducted from the rent. New machines were added in 2015.

The lounge on fifth floor is the primary party room. It also has a bar. In addition, the Lounge has its own terrace, which overlooks the towers of the medieval city. This is the room where college students can meet and drink coffee, eat or party. It is also in the Lounge that Bikuben's dormitory parties are held. Read more about Party CommitteeThe lounge can be rented for private events by booking it through the website. The lounge is open to all residents after 11.00 pm, even if you have booked it for a private party.

The drying room on fifth floor is a room with drying racks for free use by all residents.

The roof terrace on the 6th floor has one of the best views in Copenhagen. In the summer, it is often used for reading and sunbathing, but the terrace is best on the warm summer evenings, where barbecues are more the rule than the exception - often followed by hygge and partying overlooking the city towers. As an alternative to the roof terrace, there is also a terrace on the 2nd floor, while the remaining floors have associated balconies.