Fire safety

The college has an annual inspection by the fire authorities who together with the inspector go through the college to find any faults that need to be rectified immediately. It could be something as simple as shoe racks blocking the fire escape.

RMG Inspection A/S comes once a year. They check that our fire systems are in order and that we comply with current legislation, including weekly sprinkler system testing by the inspector. RMG draws up a report, which the fire authorities also have access to.

Danish Fire Engineering comes once a year and inspects all fire equipment, including: powder extinguishers, water extinguishers, fire blankets, etc.

Bravida comes up to twice a year to review and test fire alarms and sprinkler systems at the college.

In addition, a ventilation company comes several times a year and reviews the fire ventilation.

The college has reports and documentation that fire safety is satisfactory and meets current requirements and regulations. The reports are available at the inspector's office.