Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our college.

The Property Manager
The inspector works at the college approx. 18 hours per week and can be reached by email: ins@bikubenkollegiet.dk and by phone +45 23 83 08 10.
How does the door phone work?
The door phones are connected to each individual resident's phone number. You can only open the outer doors. Doors leading to the individual floors must be opened manually.

  1. You receive a call. When When you take the call, you will hear a 'door phone' noise.
  2. Press 5 to talk to the person on the other end. You have two minutes.
  3. Press #61 to open the door. Your guest can now enter. Please note that the door locks shortly after (like when you enter using your chip).
  4. Hang up like you would normally do and greet your guest in the entrance to the floor.
Smoke in the kitchen
The fire department moves out in case of too much smoke in the kitchen. It's silent alarm. In case of smoke, it is recommended to air out the kitchen immediately. Smoke may occur if:

  • You forget food on the stove or in the oven.
  • The oven isn't properly cleaned.

The person responsible for the emergency response will recieve a reciept. If no one is directly responsible or if no one 'comes clean', the bill will be shared across the residents on the floor. This is because proper cleaning is a shared responsibility.

All cleaning in the shared kitchens is a shared responsibility. That is also the case with the ovens. The ovens has a pyrolysis function. It is recommended to use this function quite often, for example when doing the weekly cleaning.

Clogged drains

It is the tennant's own responsibility to maintain the drain, both in the kitchens and showers. If the tennant cannot properly clean the drain. If professional help is needed, the bill will be charged to the tennant through next month's rent after cleaning has occured.

In case of a clogged drain in the shared kitchens due to misuse or failure to clean properly, the repair/cleaning expenses will be spread across the tennants who primarily use the kitchen.

To prevent clogged drains, we recommend pouring three liters of boiling water down the drain once a week. This should help to remove dirt and other things clogging the drain.

Lights in the bathroom
In case you need a lightbulb for the bathroom (LED spot), please send an e-mail to the property manager. ins@bikubenkollegiet.dkYou can either have them put in your mailbox or agree on a time for him to come by and change the lightbulb.
Ved brug af grill

It is important to tidy up the space when leaving, clean the grill after use and in case you use coal, remember to remove this responsibly.

Cleaning in general

There are small trash cans left around the terraces on the 2nd- and 6th floor. It is the responsibility of the residents to empty these regularly. If they are left filled, the risk of rats increases.

Cigarette buds must also by disposed of responsibly. DO NOT throw them from the terrace over the railing or on the floor. Previously, people on the ground floors has been hit with hot cigarette buds. Also, it is incredibly hard to remove the buds from the gaps in the terrace.

It is especially important to remove the buds in case of clogged drains. There are containers with sand around the outside areas of the dorm. It is the responsibility of the residents to empty these.

Fire exits

There is a lot activity in the summer, which always appreciated. Remember to keep the fire exits clear, don't leave heavy furniture here. This is part of the requirements for fire safety at the dorm and must be adhered to at all times.

You are allowed to put up curtains. You must remove these when moving out and repair the holes. If the new tennant wish to keep them and you want to leave them, the new tennant must e-mail the property manager.
Furniture throughout the dorm
The college is covered by the rules in executive order no. 212 of 27th March 2008 on operational regulations for hotels etc., care institutions, meeting rooms, teaching rooms, daycare centers and shops. From point 5.1 of the regulations, it states that escape routes must be kept clear and tidy throughout their entire width

The municipal council (fire department) can, however, allow corridors or yard areas (but not stairs) to be used for purposes other than traffic, if the escape route width is not reduced or if the fire load of the escape route corridor is not increased significantly.

This therefore means that the college must submit detailed proposals for placing furniture in the living areas. The proposal must also describe the materials the furniture is made of. After receiving the proposal, the fire service will deal with the issue, including taking a decision on any conditions for an approval.

Regardless of where you park on the college premises, there must always be a parking permit in the windscreen. Read more about the rules here.
Escape routes
Nothing must be left on the escape routes (aisles). The law stipulates that escape routes must be free. If the resident places shoes, drying racks or anything else that prevents people from being able to pass in the event of a fire, the resident in question will receive a reminder. Then a written warning. This may result in termination.
I lost my keys
Tens Låse fits our locking system. They can be contacted on 3879 7979. There is 24-hour security. There is self-payment if you lose your keys and a locksmith is needed. Residents cannot order extra keys themselves. It must go through the inspector.
My chip is missing
Contact Michael at +45 23 83 08 10A new chip costs 150kr. You are responsible for this amount yourself if you lose it.
Our heating system is thermostatically controlled. When it is hot outside, less heat is sent out into the radiators. The system is set so that it will always be between 21ºC and 22ºC degrees around the college.
Fire alarm
The fire alarms in the dormitory are sensitive, and if the alarm goes off, the fire brigade will come out - it doesn't help to call and say it's a false alarm.

Every time the fire brigade goes out to a false alarm, it costs more than 5,000 DKK

Therefore, please pay attention to the following:

  1. Keep the ovens in the kitchens clean so that smoke/smoke does not form
  2. Stay in the kitchen when cooking so nothing burns

In the case of false alarms, the cost will be assigned to the fellow students who have the right to use the kitchen, if it cannot be proven who is the cause of the false alarm. Therefore, remember to keep the ovens clean. All ovens in the dormitory have a pyrolysis function, which should be used for weekly cleaning.

It should not be regarded as a "raised finger", but a recommendation so that money is not thrown away that could have been used for the common good at the college.

How do I reserve the lounge/party hall?
You can reserve the Lounge or the Party Room (5th floor) directly here on the website. When you are logged in, press "book room". Then fill in the form with the desired room, date. etc. Now that your booking has been approved by the Party Committee, it will appear in the booking calendar. When you get closer to the day of hire, a member of the Party Committee will contact you with a view to handing over and reviewing the facilities
Delivery of premises/party rooms after hire
All rooms borrowed/rented must be cleaned after use. The cleaning must be approved by the Festival Committee. If cleaning is not done or it does not meet the requirements, the Inspector can hire professional cleaning at the tenant's expense.
Emergency 24-hour duty
In the event of sudden injuries, you must contact the 24-hour emergency service. An example could be a burst water pipe, if there is a smell of gas, if all the lights in the dormitory have gone out. The phone number is 4270 7030.
Booking a washing machine from computer
As an alternative to the machine in the laundry room, you can reserve machines and see your washing consumption on the page www.vaskeri.bikubenkollegiet.dk.
Read more about washing machine booking online here.
How do I get faster internet?
To get the fastest Internet connection, you must use the plug in the wall (the wired network, ethernet). To use it, you need a cable that you have to purchase yourself. The type of cable you need is an ethernet cable RJ-45 cat5e (not crossed cable) and connect it from the green plug in the wall to your computer. With the wired connection you get up to 100 mbit (varies according to how many people are on the network at the given time).
What do I have to do to gain access to the network?
See our overview of the WiFi codes for the different floors here.
How do I access the internet with my playstation/xbox?
You can only use the wired network for your gaming console – you must therefore get hold of a network cable and use the green plug. You cannot use the wireless.