Motivated application

På Bikuben Kollegiet har man som ansøger mulighed for at søge ind via motiveret optag. Man har på denne måde en gylden chance for at komme foran i køen på kollegiets venteliste.

If you are considering applying with a written application, take note of the requirements:

  • The applicant must be of legal age
  • The applicant must have created an account on
  • The applicant must be enrolled in a SU-approved full time programme (university, college, etc.)

You can also send a motivated application, if you are:

  • A foreign exchange student enrolled in a SU-approved programme in Denmark
  • Apprentice in a practical trainee process enrolled in a vocational education programme

However, you can not send a motivated application, if you are:

  • Student at a high-school level programme

If you meet these requirements and have a thorough understanding of what the Bikuben dorm can offer, then you are ready to download and fill out the application form.

Download the application form here: Application form

Or if you want it in English, download it here: Motivated application form (English).

The admissions committee primarily focuses on a personal and create application. It must show interest in life at the dorm. You can add a creative feature to your application. Please consider using this possibility. It's a great chance to show personal, creative and maybe even entertaining sides of you.
ATTENTION! The form is designed with a purpose. If we recieve an application that is edited/expanded in some sense, or if the e-mail is sent via e-mail, the applicant will not be considered.

The application must be sent by letter to the Bikuben Dorms Admissions Committee:

Attn. The Admissions Committee, 219
Bikuben Dorm
Amagerfælledvej 50A
2300 Copenhagen S

The admissions committee consists of residents from the dorm, who reads and processes the applications once a month. If you have any further questions regarding the motivated application, you are more than welcome to contact the committee at