Moving in

Procedure when moving in

New resident must contact the inspector, Michael Dahlmann Pedersen, once they have been allocated a room in the dormitory. This can be done in two ways:

You must contact the inspector no later than 3 working days before the contractual takeover date, so that you can enter into an agreement on the handing over of keys together. Without an agreement, you can not be sure about getting the keys handed over.

Keys, chips and parking permit for the lease will be handed out by Michael Dahlmann Pedersen upon presentation of a copy of the lease along with a receipt of the payment of the attached payment card. The inspector can be reached on telephone +45 23 83 08 10, during weekdays 08.00 - 12.00

Passwords for the WiFi can be found here on the dormitory's website.

If it is possible to find you on Facebook, you will be contacted by residents from Newbees, who will make sure that you are well received on the floor that you are moving into.