The Bikuben dormitory is administered by UBSBOLIG A/S, and the referring of tenants to the dorm is handled by CIU ('Centralindstillingsudvalget'). Therefore, we recommend that you ask questions regarding applying for a room, prices and the waiting list to CIU via e-mail:

The dorm consists of 107 rooms, out of which the most common room type is one-person rooms. Most rooms share the same layout, but you may find small variations. All rooms are equipped with a bath and toilet as well as cubboards and a small kitchen. Typically, a room is 20 sqm including the bathroom. See pictures of the rooms.

If you wish to apply for a room at BIkuben, you must create an account at You can also apply send a motivated application to move on in the queue.

Motivated application

You can also apply for motivated admission to the college. In this way, you have a golden chance to advance on the waiting list.

If you are considering applying with a written application, take note of the requirements:

  • The applicant must be of legal age
  • The applicant must have created an account on
  • The applicant must be enrolled in a SU-approved full-time higher education, a student in an internship in vocational education or a foreign paying student in an SU-supported education in Denmark

However, you can not send a motivated application, if you are:

  • Student at a high-school level programme

If you meet these requirements and have a thorough understanding of what the Bikuben dorm can offer, then you are ready to download and fill out the application form.

Download the application form here: Application form

Or if you want it in English, download it here: Motivated application form (English).

The admissions committee primarily focuses on a personal and create application. It must show interest in life at the dorm. We attach great importance to you attaching a creative feature, regardless of your creative abilities. Use this opportunity to show the personal, creative, and maybe even entertaining side of yourself, as this is where you have the opportunity to stand out from the other applicants. We have previously, among other things, received songs, videos, games, collages, gifts, baked goods and much more.  
ATTENTION! The form is designed with a purpose. If we recieve an application that is edited/expanded in some sense, or if the e-mail is sent via e-mail, the applicant will not be considered.

The application must be sent by letter to the Bikuben Dorms Admissions Committee:

Attn. The Admissions Committee, 219
Bikuben Dorm
Amagerfælledvej 50A
2300 Copenhagen S

The next round of applications is in August 2022. If this changes, this information will be updated.

The Admissions Committee consists of residents from the College who review all applications. If you have any further questions regarding motivated admission, or need to submit anything in connection with your application, please feel free to contact the Admissions Committee at